Now up to date on the Panorama Trail:

Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, stands here and there by the wayside.

According to legend, it was used to heal one of Achilles' wounds. The epithet millefolium is understandable: Its leaves actually seem to have a thousand other small leaves.


Branch, cairn and sandstone

On our golf course there are various branch and also stone piles, which are visible especially to attentive golfers.
Branch piles provide shelter, nesting and habitat for many small animals, birds, reptiles and insects, while cairns are particularly popular with reptiles for their basking and egg-laying sites, as the stones store heat in summer.

On the walk along the Panorama Elves Trail you will also see a deliberately exposed sandstone at the Ginster information board. Plants that prefer this condition, such as broom, grow here.