Now up to date on the Panorama Trail:

Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, stands here and there by the wayside.

According to legend, it was used to heal one of Achilles' wounds. The epithet millefolium is understandable: Its leaves actually seem to have a thousand other small leaves.


Nesting aids without plexiglass

Around the Panorama Elves Trail, we noticed that the insect nesting aids set up in June 2021 were hardly used - at least not by wild bees. A spider lived by the wild pear and a few "earwigs" found shelter by the hornbeam.

On a trial basis, the plexiglas pane of one nesting aid was removed and we waited a month. In fact, some of the tubes and holes have already been accepted by the wild bees, a great joy! On 23 May 2022, all plexiglass panes on the Panorama Elves Trail were removed. We also hope for such success with the remaining nesting aids and thank the walkers for their respect for nature.

These panes were originally installed by us with the idea that the bees would be protected from human hands. However, the slit underneath was probably too small and the wild bees also like to fly directly at them. Also, it might have been too hot due to this cover.


Insect nesting aid at the restaurant entrance. After one month it already has occupied holes.