Now up to date on the Panorama Trail:

Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, stands here and there by the wayside.

According to legend, it was used to heal one of Achilles' wounds. The epithet millefolium is understandable: Its leaves actually seem to have a thousand other small leaves.


Path of lights with lanterns

Winter project with light
With the help of the kindergarten children of Meggen, we were able to set up a beautiful Christmas project. With a path of lights on a section of the Elfenweg with 40 lanterns, we wanted to bring joy to all visitors over the festive season. 90 kindergarten children painted 160 individual and cheerful Christmas pictures, which were then printed on foils and stuck on 40 lanterns.

An amount of CHF 3305 was raised, which was donated in full to Palliative Care, Department of Children's Hospital/LUKS, Lucerne. Golf Meggen rounded up the amount to CHF 5000.

On 24 March 2022, the donation cheque was received by senior physician Karolin Otten and Nicole Bosler, coordinator of the Palliative Care Team FF, in fantastic weather.

We are very pleased to make the golf course with its beautiful panoramic path better known to non-golfers. The path just invites to become a daily ritual for a walk or a run.