Did you know that elves live on the Panorama Trail?

I tell you, the elves are a real joy!

A walk on the 2.5 km long panoramic path around the Golf Meggen area has already miraculously cleared many a head.

You will see: If you take the walk with open eyes and a warm heart, small miracles will happen.

One of them is Biloba. She is already very old and has experienced a lot. What does she look like?

You would never guess. If you want to look for her, I'll give you a little help: she has long reddish hair, sometimes with a yellowish tinge. You'll probably have the best luck at the ginkgo tree, because that's where she lives. She still looks like a young elf, yes really!

Tilia is the name of the elf who prefers to sit on the lime trees. She likes company, and the other elves also seek contact with her.

If you are standing by a lime tree and something tickles you, Tilia may want to joke with you. She loves it when others laugh. Her hair is blond and shoulder-length. It's best to squint your eyes and look for Tilia that way. Where she is, it seems to glow.

Bim is a playful elf who likes to have different plans every day. Routine is a horror to her.

Her verve and strength are infectious and she is also good at helping out. That's why Bim is a welcome help. It is very difficult to find her, because she is sometimes here, sometimes there, but she lives in the hornbeams. If you do get lucky, we indulge you. She is a good playmate for you!

Pyrus is the name of the elf that is at home on the wild pear trees. And on all of them in the Golf Meggen avenue.

He loves to swing, fly and hop from tree to tree. He is a good observer and enjoys everything that happens on his trees. He has many visits; in spring to early summer from many insects that, like him, enjoy the pear blossoms. Later, towards autumn, dormice, martens, badgers and hedgehogs come by to get the fruit. If you listen very quietly on a wild pear tree, you might even hear Pyrus calling "Welcome"?

Samba knows a lot about health. Her elf friends go to her when they need advice on recovery.

She knows how the elves can protect themselves and stay as healthy as possible. Samba lives in the elder bush. If you want to see her, look out for dark spots. You may have just seen her dark brown, almost black long hair!

Alba lives on a willow. She loves to dance for a living. In spring, the willow pollen sometimes dusts because of her.

So look carefully when there is yellowish dust near a willow. Alba matches the colour of the pollen. So good eyes are needed!

Avellana can dust just as well as Alba, because she lives on the hazel bush.

She likes to give hazelnuts to her friends in autumn and therefore throws them to the ground. If the elves or rodents don't pick up the hazelnuts right away, they are also meant for insects or us humans. When you pick them up, say a silent thank you to Avellana.

Brum likes to have visitors from May to June. Then her home shines in a wonderful yellow.

She lives on the broom. This is not entirely harmless, because all parts of the broom plant are poisonous. The easiest way to find Brum is by her scent. She smells like a broom blossom all year round.

Pruni lives on the wild cherry tree. She is a cautious, rather timid elf.

Try to be as quiet as possible at the Wild Cherry Tree if you want to catch a glimpse of her. Her hair is reddish-blond, and Pruni often hums a song to herself. Can you hear her?

Mala lives on the wild apple tree and appreciates order. She cleans and cleans like crazy.

No wonder the apples shine so beautifully in autumn. Mala is a good listener and also likes to give encouragement. When you stand by her tree, you can tell her your big and small worries.